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    Visit Wallowa Lake and experience beauty like nowhere on Earth.
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    Enjoy boating, swimming and water-sports in the clearest lake in Eastern Oregon
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    Peaceful mornings bring clear reflections
  • Hiking Slide
    Hike Iwetemlaykin Heritage Park in the sacred land of the Nez Perce- just 1/2 mile from Wallowa Lake
  • County Park Slide
    You'll find beaches, docks and boat launches at both the north and south ends.
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    Fall colors harmonize perfectly on Wallowa Lake, where it's beautiful in all seasons
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    Hike the high country in 'America's Little Switzerland' and discover over 50 lakes!
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    Wallowa Lake is typically calm, making it a great lake for canoes and paddle-boards
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Wallowa Lake Boating

Wallowa Lake has two public boat ramps. The first one you arrive at is on the north end at the County Park and has a double ramp and tie-up dock. The second, at the south end, is located 5 miles further along and is within the State Park just west of the Marina. Wallowa Lake is generally calm, making it a great place for canoes and skiers.

Wallowa Lake is a deep (299') mountain lake with few submerged hazards.  The exception is the the inlet (south end) which can be shallow for hundreds of yards during high water in the spring and early summer.

The lake is well patrolled and most boaters are checked, so make sure to have your boater card and all necessary equipment.

There are no fueling stations and on water self-fueling is not allowed, so come full or prepare to trailer out to fill up.

Afternoon thunderstorms can build quickly, causing rapid temperature drops with gusting wind and rough water, so be sure and come prepared.

Traffic on the lake is moderate on weekends and very light during the week. The exception is on the day of the Independence Day Fireworks Display.

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